How the COVID-19 pandemic affected the tattoo industry.

How the COVID-19 pandemic affected the tattoo industry.

It is evident that the pandemic hit the world and its economy in a way no one ever expected, even so has it hit people who contribute to our society by offering art, such people are tattoo artists / studios. Unfortunately, since the beginning of the pandemic, art has been perceived by governments and the public as an accessory rather than a necessity to humans.

This has caused tattoo studios to shut their doors for several months and in some countries for almost a year. Tattoo artists have lost their income, clientele and in worst cases their shops since they couldn’t financially cope with the bills that kept piling up. What governments and the public seems to overlook is that tattoo studios always had to follow strict sanitation and cleanliness rules that create a relatively safe environment even during a pandemic and especially in comparison to other businesses who were allowed to remain open. Another aspect, that is disregarded, is the impact the shutdown of studios has had on the tattoo industry as a whole.

Tattoo equipment distributors, manufacturers and tattoo event organizers all had to suffer great losses and are still counting them as time goes by and the lockdown drains the financial stability and motivation of everyone affected.

As with most situations in life there is two sides to every story. It truly depends on how you chose to view and deal with difficult situations, that will aid you to overcome hardships. And that’s exactly what most tattoo artists have achieved.

Not only have they come together via social media and other platforms to help each other out, but they have found ambitious ways to focus on their art by practicing their painting skills, illustrations and generally kept their motivation and drive to be creative alive. Some might even say that their creativity boosted during the days in lockdown. Even traveling artists have finally had the time to spend with their family and focus on what some describe as the important things in life.

All in all, during this difficult time artists have inspired us to keep on going, appreciate each other and keep on growing as people and as the Stigma® family.

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