A leap forward in performance and design.


Step into the future.

Force & Force XL

Unleash your creativity.

Spear 2.0 & Thorn 2.0

Chroma PRO

The complete Chroma set for endless possibilities.
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Chroma Wireless Pen

Adjustable Stroke. Hyperdrive. Motion Control. Replaceable batteries.

Chroma Standard Grip

Both grip sizes are included, standard and XL.

Replaceable Batteries

Included you'll find:

2x 18500 (2250 mAh)

1x 18650 (3500 mAh)

Chroma XL Battery Cap

The XL Battery Cap is meant to be used with 18650 battery cells for up to 8 hours duration.

Protective Case

Useful protective case for storage or travelling.


Force Kit+

The ultimate wireless ecosystem.

Get two Power Packs, a spare XL grip and the Pilot Wireless Footswitch for an unparalleled experience.

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Force Wireless pen

State of the art wireless pen. Available in three different stroke lengths.

Force Wireless Power Pack

Spare Power Pack for unlimited power.

Force XL Grip

Both grips provide extreme comfort.

Pilot Wireless Footswitch

Heavy duty foot remote control.


Which tattoo machine is right for me?

Not sure which one to choose? Check out the comparison table below and choose the best one for your needs.

Force - Black
Force - Black Sale price€866,76 Regular price€1.113,52
Spear 2.0 - Black
Spear 2.0 - Black Sale price€804,76
Thorn 2.0 - Black
Thorn 2.0 - Black Sale price€618,76

9W DC Brushless

8W DC Coreless

8W DC Coreless

Stroke Length


2.8 or 3.7 or 4.5 mm


2.5 - 4.5 mm


2.5 - 4.5 mm

Adjustable Give

Digital Give & Boost




Wireless / RCA

RCA only

RCA only

PRO Artists

Our team of professional artists from around the world using Stigma Rotary tattoo equipment.

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