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Stigma® has been revolutionizing the tattoo industry since 2005. The German founders of the company are passionate tattooists with over 20 years of experience running their own tattoo studios. The first generation Stigma® machines were invented, designed and built by rotary pioneer and artist Artemis Rosakis, who remains the head developer and father of every Stigma® model ever made. His groundbreaking invention – a system whereby the “give“ for soft and hard hitting on rotary machines could be adjusted in just a matter of seconds – astounded the tattoo industry and fascinated many artists that were looking for a lightweight and quiet tattoo machine that could make their job much easier.

When Artemis first started to think about his own line of rotary machines, his intention was not just to provide this adjustable give system but also to achieve excellent precision, a cool ergonomic design and a perfect overall performance. Using his many years of experience as a tattooist, his first prototypes were ready in 2003, which he then perfected over 2 years of testing, struggling and learning before he started “production” with his partners for use in his own studio and those of his fellow artists.

That was the start of a success story that inspired the world’s leading tattoo artists and convinced users of coil machines to start using rotaries. Stigma-Rotary® machines have been improving the work of thousands of tattooists ever since then. All rotary machines with adjustable give have been based on this invention. The demand for rotaries from artists and the approval of rotary machines within the tattoo scene were both boosted considerably by this and many other technological advancements by Stigma®. Believing that rotaries are the future, we are proud of having essentially initiated this process.

Stigma®’s primary goal has never changed; with every development we focus on the needs of tattooists. Each of our tattoo machines is developed and built with passion for excellence and precision, so that the tattooist can concentrate on his art. We work hard to provide you with the most advanced technology and new developments in the industry. Stigma-Rotary® machines are designed and made by professional tattooists for professional tattooists.

We hold the opinion that it is impossible to build a good tattoo machine if you do not know out of your own experience what tattooing is really about, how it feels and what is important for a busy artist that needs to work with reliable equipment every day. To ensure the extreme high standards in quality and service that you are accustomed to, we do not produce “en masse”. Stigma® machines feature Swiss motors and all other components are made in Germany and in Europe. Our team of well attuned professional tattooists, engineers, CNC – experts and craftsmen is making sure that you invest in high quality equipment for your work. Each and every machine is hand assembled and thoroughly tested before leaving our production plant.

For many years Stigma® has endeavored not only to develop and build unique tattoo machines but also to acquire the best possible reputation as a company that really cares about their customers. When working with Stigma® you have tattooists by your side who know exactly what you are talking about.

Stigma® is actively fighting against ‘manufacturers’ of counterfeit products and everyone involved in the trade of them. In an alliance with other brands we are taking measures to stop these illegal operations. You and your clients are on the safe side only when you purchase from an official and authorized Stigma® distributor listed on our website.

We would like to thank all of the artists for their many years of continuous support, inspiration and trust in our products and we’re looking forward to working with all of you in the future.