Spear 2.0 - Black

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Featuring a wide stroke-length range, in combination with the adjustable give the Spear is known for, you don’t need separate machines for each task anymore. Smooth shading, rich color packing and crispy, bold, one-pass lines every time.

Spear 2.0 - BlackSpear 2.0 - RedSpear 2.0 LE - 22K Gold

Description & Technical Specifications

Spear 2.0 - Black

Comes with a custom-made 8 Watts motor that can easily handle any cartridge configuration and type of work. The stroke length can be set from 2.5 mm all the way to 4.5 mm and anywhere in between. Just rotate the motor housing part, even while working. Setting up the Give follows the same procedure, just rotate the RCA housing part at any time. When its fully tightened the machine hits hard and it softens as you loosen it.

Finally, the protected RCA socket is gold plated and the grip is designed in a way to nicely rest in your hand and to keep the machine from rolling off of any surface. With its comfortable shape and ergonomic grip, low noise and vibration, the Spear 2.0 allows the artist to produce immaculate work, effortlessly, all day long.

The Spear 2.0 is compatible with all standard type needle cartridges. However, it is not compatible with Stigma-Rotary® Advanced Safety Cartridges.

Power Connection



8 Watt DC Coreless

Voltage Range

5 - 10 V