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4.5W Motorplug v24.5W Motorplug v2
4.5W Motorplug v2 Sale price€148,80
Sold out
6W Power-Drive Motorplug v26W Power-Drive Motorplug v2
6W Power-Drive Motorplug v2 Sale price€148,80
Sold out
Armor Disposable Grips - Box of 12
Force + Disposables
Force + Disposables Sale priceFrom €1.017,54
Force Disposable Grips - Box of 16
Force Grip - SlimForce Grip - Slim
Force Grip - Slim Sale price€74,40
Force Grip - StandardForce Grip - Standard
Force Grip - Standard Sale price€74,40
Force Grip - XLForce Grip - XL
Force Grip - XL Sale price€74,40
Force Kit
Force Kit Sale price€1.187,92
Force Kit+
Force Kit+ Sale price€1.422,28
Force Power PackForce Power Pack
Force Power Pack Sale price€246,76
Save €246,76
Force WirelessForce Wireless
Force Wireless Sale price€866,76 Regular price€1.113,52
Sold out
Force Wireless PMUForce Wireless PMU
Force Wireless PMU Sale price€866,76 Regular price€1.113,52
Save €246,76
Force Wireless XLForce Wireless XL
Force Wireless XL Sale price€866,76 Regular price€1.113,52
Pilot Wireless FootswitchPilot Wireless Footswitch
Pilot Wireless Footswitch Sale price€234,36
Spear 2.0Spear 2.0
Spear 2.0 Sale price€804,76
Sold out
Spear 2.0 + Disposables
Spear 2.0 + Disposables Sale priceFrom €842,46
Sold out
Spear 2.0 Disposable Grips - Box of 16
Spear 2.0 GripSpear 2.0 Grip
Spear 2.0 Grip Sale price€74,40
Spear 2.0 LESpear 2.0 LE
Spear 2.0 LE Sale price€928,76
Thorn 2.0Thorn 2.0
Thorn 2.0 Sale price€618,76
Thorn 2.0 + Disposables
Thorn 2.0 + Disposables Sale priceFrom €656,46
Thorn 2.0 Disposable Grips - Box of 16
Thorn 2.0 GripThorn 2.0 Grip
Thorn 2.0 Grip Sale price€74,40
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