Pilot Wireless Footswitch

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The Pilot Wireless Footswitch is designed to meet the needs of demanding artists with its robust construction, Bluetooth connectivity, and rechargeable USB type C battery, providing both convenience and reliability. Paired with the Force Wireless pen, this state-of-the-art footswitch is sure to enhance your professional toolkit.

Description & Technical Specifications

Pilot Wireless Footswitch

Upgrade your tattooing experience with the Pilot Wireless Foot Switch. Designed for artists’ convenience and tailored to provide the most efficient working conditions on day to day operations.

The artist can switch between two modes to create the most effective workflow. The first one is Toggle, allows you to simply step on the foot pedal every time you want to start or stop the machine, like an on/off switch. The second, Hold, requires the artists to step and keep the foot on the pedal to start the machine and release whenever is time to stop.

The Pilot Wireless foot switch is compatible with the Pilot Wireless Power Supply, the Stigma® Force wireless pen and all other future wireless machines.

The Pilot Wireless foot switch has a non-skid rubber bottom that will stop it from moving around during tattooing. Its flat, compact shape means that it’s easily bagged.

The Pilot Wireless Foot Switch is powered by a high efficiency Lithium Ion battery, features a USB – C port for charging, which also works as pass-through.

Power Connection

Wireless / USB type C