Force Power Pack

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A high-end removable power pack with a built-in display and controls, a USB type C port for charging, and pass-through operation. Compatible with the Force Wireless pen.

Description & Technical Specifications

Force Power Pack

A high-end removable power pack which features a built-in display, button controls and a USB – C port for charging and pass-through operation (charging while working). You can customize and save memory presets to quickly swap between different voltage and give/boost settings. You can also adjust these parameters independently at any given time to make your work more efficient. The battery can last up to 10 hours on a single charge (depends on many factors such as voltage, cartridge needle configuration etc.).

The power pack is Bluetooth enabled which allows you to pair your machine directly with the Pilot Wireless Footswitch or our mobile app for iOS and Android to unlock even more features.

Power Connection

USB type C

Voltage Range

4 V - 11 V


Digital Give & Boost