6W Power-Drive Motorplug v2

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The 6W Power-Drive Motorplug is compact and powerful. It utilizes a Swiss made motor with 2 preloaded ball bearings on the shaft.

Description & Technical Specifications

6W Power-Drive Motorplug v2

The 6W Power-Drive MotorPlug V2 is the most powerful motor at its size, while remaining compact and weighing only 45 grams. Perfect for everything, whether its shading, blending, layering, colour packing, or lining, depending on the stroke length of your chosen stroke excenter.

The MotorPlug V2 is compatible with Stigma®’s stroke excenters with a 2 mm bore. It comes as standard with a pre-installed medium stroke excenter (3.5 mm). Additional excenters with a 2.6 or 4.4 mm stroke can be purchased separately.

The same MotorPlug V2 can drive all of your Stigma-Rotary® machine bodies, or you can use the same machine body and attach various MotorPlugs with different stroke excenters – whatever your preference!

There is also an RCA to Clipcord Converter available if you wish to use a clip cord connection on the 6W MotorPlug V2.

NOTE: If you are using a Stigma Rotary® machine that uses the hex drive system, you will need to attach the hex spinner to your motorplug in place of the excenter.

E.g. To power the AMEN machine you would need to use the Hex Spinner that came with your AMEN machine, instead of the stroke excenter.

Power Connection



6 W Swiss-made motor with 2 pre-loaded ball bearings

Stroke length

Medium (3.5 mm) | Multiple choices available